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post image for Vactrol Breakout

Vactrol Breakout

last updated: Mar 14, 2023

A little PCB breakout board to help with vactrol prototyping and assembling.

post image for Barebones Eurorack power

Barebones Eurorack power

last updated: Jan 31, 2023

A (too) minimal approach to powering DIY eurorack modules -- but it works!

post image for Mon Ami MIDI

Mon Ami MIDI

last updated: December 31, 2022

Everyone needs a 2-channel midi-> cv + gate module. mega minimal, mega pragmatic approach.

post image for Circuit Scrapbook

Circuit Scrapbook

last updated: December 28, 2022

A selection of small circuits and helpful building blocks without a dedicated post.

post image for Minimal Opamp AR Env Gen

Minimal Opamp AR Env Gen

last updated: Dec 20, 2022

As simple as it gets, minimal parts. Based on SynthNerd's Op Amp AR Design.

post image for Decently affordable Eurorack rails

Decently affordable Eurorack rails

last updated: July 20, 2022

Finally found a Canadian source for eurorack compatible rails and threaded inserts.