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Decently affordable Eurorack rails

last updated: July 20, 2022

These ones work! It took a lot of not knowing what I was looking for and then ordering the wrong stuff to get here. I also learned that Vector is a brand, not a type of rail.

In any case, Vector brand rails and Schroff brand threaded inserts work beautifully together, as long as you don't mind using smaller M2.5 screws. Both the rails and inserts are 84HP long (42.672cm or 16.8").

  • Vector Electronics TS169 Rails 84HP

  • Schroff 34561384 Threaded Inserts M2.5 84HP

And if you're bonkers and want to use sliding nuts:

  • Vector Electronics NT4-7PA M2.5 Sliding Nuts x 25